Securing rights at work

Baseline situation: Labour rights in Serbia are still being massively violated. Union representatives, particularly from the company-level, do not have enough knowledge on the labour rights to be safeguarded by the national legislation. Additionaly, there is not enough of knowledge accumulated among union activists on how to use the existing mechanisms to protect those rights. On the other side, legal departments of the trade unions do not have sufficient capacities to efficiently respond to all the requests from trade union membership. There are no regular capacity building activities at all level of trade union organizations and the prospective potentials of the innovative communication tools are not being exploited. Therefore, all these capacities need to be enhanced in order to provide more adequate legal support to trade union members.

PRO Skills – Serbia

Labour market in Serbia for youth work force is characterised by low harmonisation between demand and supply, lack of qualified workforce and deficit of competences. In this regards quality internships are proven to be a successful mean to provide early labour market experience, and thus to increase youth employability. However, further institutional and regulatory steps and development of programmes and practices  are necessary to ensure that internship schemes are not abused (replacing quality employment), that interns receive appropriate training through decent work environment so that ultimately they can make their position on the labour market more favourable.

Pro Career – Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project is responding to the problem of lack of sustainable policy framework and practices in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in provision of career guidance and counselling services is schools, which should serve as one of the crucial pillars for improving career development opportunities of youth population in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Coherent policy framework, implemented in practice throughout tested interventions creates preconditions for more effective and focused development of career paths of youth population in Serbia.