Programme objective: Strengthening the civil society organizations to initiate a productive dialogue with decision-makers in order to achieve certain standards set in Decent Work Agenda. The program is focused on three aspects:

1. Enhancing youth employability

This issue has been selected as a priority, given that young people carry great potential for the development of economy and society in general. Due to the high unemployment rate, this potential has not being used to its full extent. Economic difficulties that Serbia has been faced with for the last few years caused the further deterioration of youth position in the labor market. In addition to the economic crisis, there are also deeper structural problems that lie behind youth unemployment.

Related activities supported by Solidar Suisse are: - Strengthening of the system for career guidance and counseling in schools - Defining mechanisms for harmonization of the education system and labor market needs - Definition of public policies aimed at improving the youth employability

2. Contribution to better implementation of the provisions of employment and labor-law legislation

There is a big difference between the rights guaranteed by the regulations and their implementation, particularly in the area of employment legislation. Related activities supported by Solidar Suisse are: - Defining mechanisms for better implementation of the respective regulations - Contribution to better coordination and communication between institutions and other stakeholders
- Revision of the existing legislation in order to ensure its easier implementation.

3. Improvement of social dialogue at the local level related to the restructuring of public utility companies

The issue of restructuring of public utility companies at the local level in Serbia will soon emerge as an important one. Stakeholders will be able to deal with various aspects of this issue if they agree on common attitudes and create their networks. The aspects of this issue comprise: - The social aspect of the restructuring (the position of labor force in the restructured companies) - The fiscal aspect (loss making and increase in public debt) - Pricing policy (subsidized or market prices) - The strategic aspect (in which areas the entry of private capital should be allowed)

Respective Activities of Solidarity Suisse should enable stakeholders to actively influence and participate in the restructuring process.

In order to accomplish these goals, Solidar Suisse will actively cooperate with civil society organizations - NGOs, trade unions, employers' associations as well as with the relevant government institutions at central and local levels. Special attention will be paid to the establishment of partnerships within the sectors and among stakeholders from different sectors, as well as to the comm