About Us

Solidar Suisse is a Swiss-based organization, which is dedicated to creating a more just society, promoting decent work and democratic participation, which is aimed at achieving a more dignified life. The organization creates innovative strategies, in order to decrease poverty and provides humanitarian aid to the ones in need. Solidar Suisse is active in more than 50 projects in 12 countries of Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

1.5 billion people are being exploited worldwide. 1.75 billion people live in poverty. This needs to change. But for change to happen, these people need to be able to earn a living wage. Their fundamental rights must be respected. They must be included in the democratic process.

History has taught us that only those directly affected by precarious living conditions can improve their conditions. But we can support them in their struggle. In this sense Solidar Suisse sees itself as a partner in development, working to improve living conditions alongside the workers and farmers, the unemployed and landless, alongside labour unions and grassroots organisations.

Projects in developing and emerging countries

In the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America, and in emerging countries such as South Africa or China, we are committed to creating decent working conditions – a living wage, democracy, and respect for human rights. In the event of a disaster we provide humanitarian aid.

We are also present in South-eastern Europe where our programmes are designed to improve working conditions with a focus on establishing social partnership structures.

Switzerland's attitude needs to change

To overcome poverty worldwide, the world's rich industrial nations – including Switzerland – need to change their attitude. Solidar Suisse campaigns for Swiss economic and foreign policies to respect human rights.

Solidarity since 1936

Solidar Suisse was created in 1936 under the name of Swiss Labour Assistance SLA. It is founded by the Swiss trade unions and the Swiss Social Democratic Party (SDP). As a part of the European Solidar Network, Solidar Switzerland works with over 50 aid agencies and charitable organisations as well as NGOs.

Solidar Suisse bears the coveted Swiss ZEWO label (Zewo Zertifikat) for charitable organisations, which guarantees the transparent, effective use of your contributions. The organisational and management structures of Solidar Suisse comply with the Swiss NPO-Code of corporate governance.